Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) is a branch under Air Traffic Service .The Role of AIS is to ensure the timely flow of Aeronautical Information necessary for the Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of National/International Air Navigation. AIS collects, collates, assembles, edits, formats, originates, publishes and distributes Aeronautical Information/ Data necessary for Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of Air Navigation concerning the entire Lilongwe Flight Information Region (FIR). 

These services are offered through the units namely:

  • The International NOTAM Office (NOF) - Responsible for the promulgation of NOTAM and facilitates the international exchange of NOTAM;
  • AIS aerodrome unit – this facilitates flight plan management and pre-flight briefing services at all airports manned by DCA.
  • AIS Headquarters- Responsible for collection, collation, compilation, processing and dissemination of aeronautical data through regular updates to the AIP and issuance of AIP Supplements, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) and list of valid NOTAM.
  • Cartography and PANS/OPS unit – the unit develops and maintains aeronautical maps and charts, coordinates WGS 84 surveys and manages electronic terrain and obstacle data base. It also deals with the construction and maintenance of visual and instrument flight procedures.


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