Personnel Licensing (PEL) is a section within the Regulatory Division. The Personnel Licensing Section is under obligation for the oversight of ICAO Annex 1 Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPS) requirements.


​​The Five Functions of PEL are:

  1. Licensing​
  2. Examinations​
  3. Training​
  4. Regulatory
  5. Administrative

PEL responsibilities include the following functions:

  • Licensing of Pilots, Flight Engineer , Flight Operations Officers(Dispatchers) ,Cabin Crew, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Air Traffic Controllers;
  • Examination of Airmen;
  • Approval of Training Organization;
  • Development and amendment of regulations, rules and procedures for licensing and training;
  • Enforcing the laws and regulations;
  • Oversight Function on Licensed airmen, Designated personnel and certificated entities.
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